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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The No Name Award

E. J. Wesley of The Open Vein [http://the-open-vein-ejwesley.blogspot.com] put me up for the No Name Award.  He's a YA/MG writer who blogs about writing and sometimes snarls when the world slaps him in the face.  Visit him.

Normally, I'd ignore this (and I have permission to), but since I think it's designed to increase readership, I'll pass it on.  It's also simple:  receivers reveal seven facts about themselves, and then list seven other blogs.  I don't know if I have to tell them I listed them, and if I had to, I wouldn't know how -- so you are excused if you never learn I gave you the award.  (I can't seem to get the message dealie to work when I want to welcome a new follower.  The system just wants me to follow myself.)

Seven Facts ... without stretching the truth.

1)  I had an imaginary friend named Jerome when I was three.
2)  65 years later, my brother, Jerry, is still bitching about it and wishes I had kept my mouth shut.
3)  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut -- even when I'm trying to be polite.
4)  I hate store tortilla chips -- I rather fry my own tortillas.
5)  I wanted to move somewhere else two days after I arrived in town back 1966.  I'm still here.
(It's getting harder to think of something).  
6) We once had a Ford-made car, and I didn't get 80,000 miles out of it.  The Subaru has 140,000+ miles.
 (The Studebaker Lark got 200,000+ miles.)
7)  I think marketing a novel is a form of hell.

Seven blogs.  Any of my useful blogs are worth checking out, but I'll name people with less busy lives and fewer readers.  Warning:  I enjoy every blog listed below.

1)  Pat Stoltey:  http://patriciastoltey.blogspot.com
2) The Dark Wyrm:  http://darkwyrmreads.blogspot.com
3)  Jaime Reed:  http://jreedwriteordie.blogspot.com
4)  Kirsten Lesko:  http://disobedientwriter.com/  [Anyone who's disobedient has my vote.]
5)  Tim Northberg:  http://thedarthwriter.blogspot.com
6)  Haggis:  http://whatdoyoumeanishouldstartablog.blogspot.com
7)  Sarah Ahiers:  http://falenformulatesfiction.blogspot.com

There you have it.

Trivia:  I wasn't going to blog today, but E. J. Wesley made me do it.


Kirsten Lesko said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kay!

I, too, hate store tortilla chips - I was just talking about this at dinner 2 nights ago. Numbers 1, 2 & 7 made me laugh out loud. :)

Linda L. Henk said...

I like the idea of listing seven things about myself. It even sounds like more fun (or trouble) to list seven things we know about one another but are afraid to tell.

Kay said...

Obviously, I wasn't fearful of telling those things to the whole wide world. Just learned today that my blog is being picked up by Chinese search engines.

That's why I'm amazed that some writers lay into agents on their blogs. Once it's on the net, it never leaves.

T.A. Northburg said...

Thanks for the No Name Award. I will keep it going!