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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slowly Changes the WIP

The Read:  Am getting into the new read:  Cinda Williams Chima's The Warrior Heir -- after stumbling through the prologue.  (Hey, the science magazines are coming in so the books have more competition than usual.)  I'm far enough into the book to see where the back story is important, but I think this is a case where bits and pieces inserted into the text would have served just as well.  --  But who am I to say anything.  I'm not the published writer.

For a change, this is a young adult fantasy with the premise that secret magic workers live among us -- only to be sacrificed by rival factions seeking political dominance.  (I think.)  An interesting concept as far as it goes.  I haven't determined who're the good guys yet, only the potential victims.

Locus (the "journal" of science fiction and fantasy) came today bearing good news.  Three writers I drool over are coming out with new books which hooked good reviews:  Patricia Briggs (Silver Bourne), Jim Butcher (Changes), and Kim Harrison (Black Magic Sanction).  The bad news for cheapskates like me --  they're hardbacks.

Progress:   Emma is slowly filling a binder of her own so she can be filed away.  Printing is taking a long time because of the slipping roller in the printer.  (Guess who's too cheap to buy a new one.  "Wasn't a monitor enough?", she whines.)

Maren.  The scenes in the first chapter are starting to make sense.  I may have two chapters done by Saturday.  --  Don't get impressed.  I prefer short chapters.  So far, the YA chapters are only slightly longer than the MG ones.

Blog.  I guess regularly posting a new blog up is progress of a kind.  So, I'll take the credit.  ;-)

Trivia:  I martyred myself and made some polenta stuff since the old man kept asking about the three unopened packages in the pantry.  Slimey.  Or, have I insulted you because you like the stuff?  Better yet, do you have an edible recipe for it.  No?  Scrambled egg sandwiches, here I come.


Glenna Frazier said...

I find your work very good for a self proclaimed Wonna-be. I will be back for more.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Feel free to comment often.