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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Making the Deplorable Undead Acceptable

Recent Reads:

Still thinking about a day in the life of Anita Blake as Laurell K. Hamilton depicts it in Dead Ice. Actually, it's several days, but who's counting.

This time around, zombies are the center of attention in stead of the problems caused by multiple sex partners. I especially liked the concept of an honorable zombie as a plot twist as she seeks the origins of zombie porn videos. Our favorite corpse raiser's powers are growing stronger which generates some interesting problems.

Well crafted book. Hamilton keeps the pieces of Blake's world in sync. I especially liked the way old series characters were brought to the fore. You can read a sample and more in-depth reviews on:

Kindle      or      Nook

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Writerly Things

Writers, want to sell more of your books? Silly question, huh. You might take a look at The Savvy Writers blog on the myths about selling books on social media. Lots of good information there.


Wading Through a Dystopian World

Wish the food delivery system didn't upset my moral values. No, I'm not planning on becoming a vegan soon--But...

Read an article in the New York Times [print] food section recently that gave a break down of what the various "humane" labels mean. Seems an 180 pound pig has less than 12 ['3x4'] square feet to not move around in. Don't think my butt or legs would fit in those dimensions.


My Writing Rut

Transferring the edits of On the Run's going well. While there's a lot of red ink on the pages, most of the edits make sense. Also learned some things. Seems the connotations of the word "bitch" have changed over time. Guess it's much more insulting now than when I was a teen. Live and learn.

Did come up with some new insults though. What do you think of "rageholic"? Harpy and old bag just didn't seem to do the trick in describing one character, though I use them too.

Still, haven't quite decided what to do when I get the edits transferred. Will probably do the self-publish thing, but I have a nagging desire to shop the story. I'd like to think it was worth at least a shot at the minor leagues.

Then, there'are my Trapper Tremaine stories. Got a nice start on a maybe novella. I'm thinking I like the idea of going back and writing short stuff.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Survivng Reading Doldrums

Yay! I finished a book I started -- E. J. Cooperman's Spouse on Haunted Hill. As always, the humor kept the mayhem churning even though the body remains off scene. Can't have a murder mystery without the body, even in a cozy.

Allison, the owner of a haunted guesthouse, must rescue her ex-husband's [The Swine] from gang-like collectors who are unhappy with an iffy investment deal. They want their money back or maybe an implied pound of flesh. While Allison would prefer to let The Swine reap his just desserts, the needs of her daughter for her father trumps her druthers. Of course, the resident ghosts help solve the mystery with their many talents. Sounds cut and dried, but Cooperman's a master of characterization and plot twists.

I've read many books in this series and was sort of dismayed when so many loose ends were neatly tied up at the end. Maxie, the truculent ghost, even got married to her ghostly boyfriend. Then, read that there are two more books in the series when I when looking for the links. With Maxie's off on her honeymoon, I'm wondering who'll provide the vinegar to counter the cozy sweetness in the next book.

See more reviews and comments.


Am wondering why why I didn't laugh out loud when reading Berk Breathed's new Bloom County comic on Facebook. Am sure laughing while I read my Christmas present, a compilation of the strips. I snort and snurggle so much my old man keeps asking what's wrong with me.

If you missed the new series and/or miss the gang after a 25 year absence you can try this Facebook link.


Writerly Stuff

Like covers? The Literary Hub just did a blog on the best book covers chosen by professional designers. If you write, you should take a look so see what professionals think. 

Personally, I thought some were "busy" and "hard to read". If I have time, I might go to Amazon and see what the sales figures were.  After all, "they" say: the quality of your cover influences your sales.


Haven't been pushing on my writing. My critique group isn't going to meet until mid-month so Pissing at the Green Onion is sitting. Did get some 2000+ words on another Andor story started ... two disjointed segments in the computer and lots of sticky notes. Not going to worry about them until tomorrow.