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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day in the Life

 Saturday/Sunday Trivia:  Farmer Market Day.  We brought back fresh corn on the cob, something we don't grow in the garden because of the neighboring raccoons.  Except the vender thinks we're a little strange.  Two ears is enough for us for one meal.  Everyone else seems to be bagging ears a dozen at a time.  Our after-market coffee was enliven by a chance meeting with friends which delayed our lunch.  Still, the corn was so much better than supermarket corn.  Delicious.

Reading:  Can't remember the new books I'm reading.  Got bored in the middle of four of them so I pulled Stephanie Laurens' On a Wild Night from the shelves.  Read half of it last night after the news.

Writing:  Rather rewriting.  I've pulled the second book of my Austel's Idiot trilogy (the Half-Elven) onto my Desktop.  Cut a thousand words from the first chapter.  I only have to ax 25,000 words more.

Still, drafting Emma Klocken (a stand alone trip to California's Faery), but I am having trouble writing first person viewpoint since I seem to fall into lists of I... I... I... I... I... I...  Gee, that sounds like this blog.