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Friday, September 22, 2017

Dark Things Haunt the Shadows

And sometimes they jump right out into the open, especially in R. S. Belcher's fantasy worlds. Nightwise is a lovely, lovely fantasy, though very dark. Just right for Halloween.

Belcher's hillbilly anti-hero walks tall through all the mayhem thrown at him, almost too easily, but it's all great fun. At another level, Nightwise is a fast moving morality tale of a tortured soul trying to do the right thing.

Just one example of Belcher's writing:
"It [the demon] was nine feet tall, four feet wide a column of black leathery skin leaking medical waste from fist-size sphincters all across its body. Glowing red eyes, mouths, barbed breasts, hooked penises, and human arms were scattered across the surface of its trunk with no semblance of reason."

Sorry to say, he makes my demons look tame in comparison. Creepy fantasy at its best.
You can find the book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Interesting Stuff

Haven't been doing much on the web except doing promo for There Be Demons. Figure that's only of interest to writers. If you're interest in what worked for me, you can always PM me on my author page of Facebook or comment.

One nice thing: ten people have liked my cover on Net Galley. Don't know if I've snagged any reviews yet.


My Writing Rut
isn't so rutty.
Some progress is being made.

There Be Demons is almost published, release date 26 September. It's up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and kobo -- and a bunch of other places Wooden Pants distributes their books. It's still a long slow process because I'm slogging through the promo. Don't think all the links work much, but I'm jumping through the hoops anyway.

You can find There Be Demons on:  Amazon     Barnes & Noble     kobo

Friday, September 1, 2017

I'm Back Again

Goggle let me in, I think.

So What's Been Happening
My Writing Life?

Well, I've got a new book coming out, There Be Demons. 

Demon invaders from Gehenathh overrun the city of Trebridge. Gillen, the lodestar of the four gargoyles protecting the city, asks for reinforcements. The Angeli commanders send him four untrained teens from the projects. What could go wrong?

After her parents’ divorce, Britt Kelly is forced to live in the projects, often dreaming of getting revenge on her father who abandoned his family. When the Angeli commanders draft her and her friends to fight beside the gargoyles in The Demon Wars, she battles Gillen as often as she does the demons.

The fate of Trebridge and humankind hangs in the balance.

I'll have more information soon. Tentative release date: 26 September 

Then, I'm itching to write too.

Found this wonderful bug book which should give me lots of info for Cahal to spout, scent trails and beetles like from Doom for a Sold Soul. I think I'm going to have fun with this one. This will all go in the third book of the War with Demons trilogy.

My Reading? 

Been mostly rereading. Read a couple Bailey Cantrell mysteries but put them on the trade pile. Am itching to reread Tamara Pierce's Beka Cooper trilogy...when I get through the pile of magazines.