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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Searching for a New Read

The Read:  is being elusive.  I've picked up three different books and nothing hooked me.  I couldn't get through the first few pages  -- except for the last which made me sit up and notice when the hitchhiker ended up eating the picker-uper who planned to torture and rape her.  (Gotta like those demons.  At least, I'm assuming she was a demon.)

The acclaimed Graceling by Kristin Cashore didn't catch me at all.  Tried for a week to get beyond the first 20 pages and failed.  Didn't mind a human eating demon, but got turned off by a reluctant adolescent super-powered killer?  Is there a disconnect somewhere in there?  Maybe it was the info dump?  Also, the opening didn't present the MC with a clear and present danger, just an exercise.

Next:  Lisa Jackson's Sorceress caught my eye in the supermarket.  Medieval Wales and magic.  What more could you ask for? 

Well, Jackson lost me between the prologue and the opening.  The book bounced from a priest killing a supposed witch (the prologue) to some kid running away from his father who is trying to kill him (chapter 1).  Again, the hook slipped free.  I read and went back to skim but didn't find the relationship between the two parts before I lost interest.  Maybe this explains why prologues are out of favor?

So, what am I reading?  Blood Angel by Justine Musk, her first published novel.  At first glance, it seemed a run of the mill paranormal romance with some hunky guy looking for the MC in the second chapter, making me glad I bought the book used.  But, I ended up reading 50-pages yesterday -- in spite of it being a busy day.  So far the structure seems to be bouncing back and forth with three story lines/points of view/whatever.  Should prove interesting when the three parts intersect.

Progress:  Emma  is firmly on the back burner ... but I still have to print out pages for my hard copy. I may even break down and let a friend read it.  (Every once in a while, she hints she'd like to read something I write.)

Maren's limping along even though the first chapter draft has a 1000+ words in it.  Some of my previous assumptions are changing as I write.  I'm trying for an end-of-the-battle opening, but convention tells me a chase scene would be more exciting.  --  I try to write lean so I might still be underwriting.

Trivia:  The German in me reared its cabbage head when I contemplated the stew meat last night.  Made an interesting Moroccan stew featuring cumin, saffron, lemon juice, and a "pinch" of chili.  I'm willing to eat the leftovers again -- instead of scrambling an egg.

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