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Monday, March 15, 2010

Increasing the Pace

The Read:  Slow starts can pick up speed, thank goodness.  Am halfway through the current read, and Cinda Williams Chima's The Warriors Heir has finally picked up steam with the two factions vying for power trying to capture our hero -- plus his relocation from his US hiding spot to England.  Liked his encounters with the ghosts of previous knights/ warriors who died in the continuation of  the War of the Roses which continues down to the present day for the Weir.

Interesting thing.   I think there was more description in describing London and the "evil doctor's" office than in the first part I thought so slow.  I need to go back and check if that comment holds, but that's my impression as I write.

Blog Comments:  Hooks have reared their snaggy heads.  Think I've reached some sort of critical mass on the blogs I follow.  I find I'm skipping some of them if the topic revealed in the notice doesn't catch my interest.  I suggest a review of your openings.  Example:  This blog first started with "halfway".  I don't know if the first sentence snags any better, but I thought it an improvement.

Progress:  Maren plods along.  My first chapter is now three.  Am thinking I need some more description.  In short, I write s...l...o...w.

Trivia:  Still savoring Susan Wechsler's mosaics in my head.  They're worth the time to Goggle her.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I was interested in your observation about blog openings. I feel the same way about blog titles because I'm often drawn to a catchy title when I see it pop up in one of my blogrolls. On the other hand, I'm put off by extremely long blog posts because I don't have a lot of time and I want to visit as many friends as possible. I don't always leave comments though -- I'm always chasing the white rabbit.

Kay said...

I guess I feel the title is part of the opening ... but sometimes the opening line reveals a nugget of info I'm interested in pursuing.