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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waddling Along ...

Trivia:  Thanks to Whole Foods' storage facilities, we ate the last of the cherries today.  In September!!  The cherries came from Washington state so there's the little matter of eating local, buying local, small carbon footprints, whatever. 

Comment:  Quite a dilemma, being ecologically sound.  I'm a cheapskate so I figure that takes care of my ecological quota since I don't buy much coming all the way from China.  I do draw the line at giving up my coffee which comes from all over the world -- though usually fair trade.  Frankly, I can't remember life being so complicated for my parents, but that was another world ago.

Reading:  Finished L. L. Foster's: Servant; The Kindred.  From the feel of the ending, I guess this is only a trilogy rather than an "unending-everlasting".  Appreciated the urban fantasy without creepy-crawlies, just a paladin with light references to god and the church (Catholic).  Also, liked the size of the books.  Very little padding, or should I say wallowing around in the MC's emotions?

Writing:  Is there any way to disable the Solitare button?

On the Half-Elven front.  I'm working at cutting down the size of Tangled Maze.  Also, looking for a beta-reader relationship(s), knowing it will take awhile.  Got one great critique from Angel who nailed me for being wordy.  Me?

Kloken - Still, slogging away, but they found Glenda.

Oh, got a critique back from my lackadaisical crit group saying the ending of my short story (emotional vampires sort of) was too abrupt.  So I added two sentences.
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