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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unintended Consequences

Comment:  Couldn't resist shooting my mouth off about Cairo's pig problem.

Cairo isn't the most modern city in the world, by a long shot.  From what I've read they rely on the super-poor and animals -- especially pigs -- to take care of their garbage.  People throw it out on the street , and someone worse off than they cart it off or eat it.

Then the swine flu started roaming the globe.  To prevent a possible epidemic, Egyptian officials took the easiest solution by getting rid of the pigs so they couldn't act as incubators.  After all, the pigs mostly belonged to the Christian Copts, a minority.  Who cared, besides them.  Hundreds of thousands of pigs died to keep humans safe from disease.

Only there was all that organic garbage the dead pigs no longer ate.  It keeps piling higher and deeper.  I'd guess Cairo smells pretty much the same as Naples at the height of its garbage crisis. 

Writing:  Really mean to get Emma off the hill today.  Got my critiques done.

So far, this is my writing accomplishment for the day, and I still have the comics to read.
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