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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creeping Forward

Trivia:  Tamales.  Tamales.  We're having tamales for supper tonight.  Good ones that are half meat, thanks to the farmer's market.

That reminds me of the opening lines (at least in the beginning) of Black Orpheous:  Cebolas.  Cebolas. --  which reminds me that I need to buy beef broth to make onion soup.

(With a mind that skips like that -- I think I can be a published writer?)

Comments:  Americans are getting a new taste of corporate might in their wallets -- debit cards. 

Now, I've never allowed a debit card in my wallet for fear of not keeping my check register straight.  But, my suspicious urban-peasant radar was working overtime without me knowing.  A recent New York Times (9 Sept 09) alerted me to why.

A lot of people, in the past, used debit cards because they thought they offered less problems than credit cards.  That was before the banks latched onto debit cards as a new profit center.  With computer systems that logged purchases to their advantage, banks started gathering all sorts of new fees, fees that cost the consumer more than a 25% interest credit card.  

Nothing's better for the old bottom line than arranging the flow of charges so someone gets an overdraft fee of $50.00 on a $6.00 overdraft.  Anyone care to calculate the interest rate on that?  Then, if you don't pay the statement balance in total, you get to pay interest on the fee.  Great racket?  

I can't believe how many people think corporate-america has the consumers interest at heart.  Or, those lobbyists-in-waiting in Congress.

Reading:  We went to Barnes & Nobel for coffee and a scone.  Yeah, we bought more books to decorate the house with -- mainly another Louise Penny for me.  (The old man bought Grimories (sp) and some goofy compilation of practical jokes.  Both of which I'll probably read.)   I need more books to read like another five pounds on my hips

I'm finally reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.  Nice to have a whole new set of monsters than the usual vampires and werewolves ... and demons.  Too bad more writers don't mine Greek (and their Roman imitators) mythology.  Can you imagine a minotaur pining from unrequited love and going all moonie?  Or is that mooie?

Writing:  My fantasy-reading son (who is one of my early [only?] readers) keeps holding Riordan as an example.  To paraphrase:  "Action.  Action.  Action.  Your characters sit around and talk a lot."  

Whatever, after finishing the third book, I get what he was saying.  Riordan gives some great case studies for structuring a books with lots of action and fast moving chapters, even though the books are fairly long.  I have a suspicion that's one of the secrets to writing for boys.  After all, boys don't sit around and talk a lot.
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