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Friday, September 11, 2009

I've changed the title of this thing

Trivia:  The fall crocus are blooming.  If I crick my neck when I look out the bedroom window, I can see them -- with the purple asters bending over them and the bronze mums standing sentinel on either side.   If the silly apricot hadn't grown four feet when we pruned it two feet, I could see more of the back yard.

Writing:  I decided to change the title of my rantings to "Mutterings" and got a reward for returning early.  A friend from the Northern Colorado Writers signed up as a friend.  Now I have to stop procrastinating and figure out how to sign up as a friend on her blog.  (Hi, Pat.) -- I'm a computer idiot so this should be fun.

Before I start muttering curses, I want to mention Donald Mass's article in the Writer's Digest.  [I was sitting doing the morning cat lap thing, and there he was, the first article about passion in your writing.]  After my snort that I've never been passionate, I found a reaffirmation of one of the things I'm trying to do in my rewriting: get the vp character's reactions to the events just described.

Of course, Mass said it better:  "One technique is to include not what a particular plot turn means in the grand scheme of things, but instead what it means to your point-of-view character.  In other words, illuminate for that person not what has changed, but how she has changed.

Yeah,  the untangling of "Tangled" continues.  So far (five chapters) I've cut about 4,000 words.  Whether the cuts are an improvement waits to be seen.

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