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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Day, Another Blog

Trivia -- The grey cat has finished his morning lap time.  I've had time to think of what I'd write here -- once he stopped wiggling.  For some reason, we named him Wiggles when he was a kitten.  After five years, he hasn't calmed down much.

Comment --  A friend's now living in a nursing home -- probably for the long, painful slide out the door.  The place has signs all over saying they want the visitors, but not the flu.  (We want you, but not the flu.) -- Yet, the staff goes from room to room without washing their hands between people.  It probably doesn't make as much difference in a nursing home as a hospital, but still ...

Reading --   A friend gave me one of Louise Penny's Three Pines mysteries.  I had read a couple of them in the past, but wasn't as impressed as with the Charlene Harris' Lucy Bard books so never bothered to acquire the entire series.  --  I'm impressed with the way Penny handles the shifting viewpoints of the town's main characters and keeps a linear plot development going.  Quite a contrast from Elisabeth George's Careless in Red,  which I finished even though I found the beginning heavy slogging.  Some might call it head hopping, but I like knowing what else is going on while the mystery is being solved.  Guess my anthropological entanglements with village life are poking through.

Writing --  More like what I'm not writing.  After Colleen Lindsay offered her Backspace contest, I decided to rewrite the second book (Tangled in the Maze) in my Austel's Idiot trilogy?  series?.  Not that I really expect to win.  I think I did it because I was getting desparate because the Emma Klocken draft is not progressing.  It's still advancing in fits and starts -- at the pace of about 1000 words a week (instead of a day).
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