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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dateline April: My Writing Life, Good and Bad

The Endless Working the the Social Media,
the Pain of My Existence.
This time it's Guest Blogs.
Another Thursday ... without a guest blog. Sometimes I feel there aren't any indie writers out there wanting a little publicity. But I guess it's not too bad; the rest of May is booked with some interesting books ... though there are a couple dates in June open. Anybody interested?

It's even a form of free book marketing ... even if I am a pip-squeak.

The Bad News

Britt's Eyes by Ellorien

For all those wondering -- okay, maybe the three of you -- about the publication date of There Be Demons, it has been delayed due to the illness of the editor/publisher. No new date has been set yet. Watch my Facebook page or here to learn when the project goes active again.

Some Good News
Someone finally reviewed The Ghost in the Closet -- “a fresh approach to the classic ghost story, with a touch of urban fantasy” 

The review was only three stars [on Smashwords], but someone who understood the story wrote it. -- What didn't they like? They wanted it to include more of Dumdie's life. [The parts I deleted because my critique group thought slowed the story down.] As a friend consoled, "you can't please everyone."

Anyway, I love the review, maybe, especially because I was afraid to publish the story. I feared it was a cliche. Didn't think there was anything new to write about ghosts.

The bad news? When I loaded it onto Amazon, two copies of the cover appeared. Went back to my formatter to get it fixed, but it'll take a while. So, I'll sit here with egg-on-my-face ... not that I worry about that. It's just another "fire" to put out.

And there is,

Progress on the 
The Ignoble Nobel Prize Winner

I'll be doing final edits this weekend.
Even have sort of a blurb for it. 
Whatcha think?
Down on his luck reporter, Grant Highgrim, stumbles over the story of his life when his publisher bets him he can’t interview the oldest man alive, a reclusive Nobel prize winner. Highgrim’s chance to become a real reporter again is on the line.

Only the assignment isn’t as simple as interviewing a cranky old man for his secrets to a long life. Highgrim arrives at the nursing home on the day a legion of beetle-demons come to claim the soul of Dr. Henry Allsdipp’s, a Nobel Prize winner in economics. Highgrim must overcome his horror of creepy-crawlies if he’s to save both his interview and his interviewee.

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