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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Here a List, There a Link: Useful Publishing Information for Authors & Readers

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 If you're sick of information about publishing and, especially marketing, you might as well slip off to read another blog.

 Myself? I'm sick of marketing, but I still try. As I save useful articles, I'm collating an anthology of author self-help information. Decided to share one of the more useful lists this time around.

 August Wainwright collected a great list of general writer resources at his blog, titled August Wainwright. The post? The Indie 50 -- The 50 Best Sites for Indie and Self-Published Authors. Wainwright says, "The Indie 50 represents my personal journey, and to those who have created the sites and resources on this list, I can’t thank you enough." 

 Thank you August for your thorough research of useful writer resources. He makes a good point that left me feeling I had egg-on-my-face. I don't think I thank people enough for sharing their expertise enough, says she shuddering. I can just see me taking twice as long to get of LinkedIn because I increase the number of my writing comments.


 Guess readers-only who've come this far need a link too. Found a recent blog by Allen Henry at lifehacker, that listed the Five Best Book Recommendations Services. I wasn't surprised to see Goodreads at the top of the list. This list is a double-edged tool. Check the site for lots of reviews to find interesting book to read and listings to market your own books too.


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