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Monday, July 4, 2011

New Chapter of Quest #6 - Bad Haiku

Bad Haiku:


The island kingdom
Gives refuge.  Heir learns and trains.
Dreams of his return.

As people suffer,
Refugees sail to island,
Search for their leader.

Heir is Island king’s
Squire. Knows ruling’s not easy.
Tells seekers to wait.

Grumping about Web Links and Other Stuff:
Want to feel sad you're stuck on earth?  Watch this video, courtesy of the Science Fiction Writers Association.  I would have missed it if I wasn't procrastinating on Twitter.  It features a series of time-lapsed photos from a very large telescope located in Chile.  In a word:  Beautiful.  Also a perspective people in the northern hemisphere don't often see.  -- Retweets are sometimes useful.

Does anyone know why the blogs I follow keep disappearing from my dashboard?  It's getting a little tiresome now that I'm limiting the time I spend social networking.  Grrrrrrrrrrr. 

Have you thought about per click advertising? I've been thinking about it since I have credit at GoDaddy.  I found Sandy Williams' blog [Magic and Mayhem] about her Facebook per-click-ad-campaign thanks to the AW Water Cooler:  Do Facebook Ads Work for Authors?  It's a series of blogs I'll be following with interest.

[I have a Facebook author's page under M. K. Theodoratus.  So far no one's visited or liked.  I can't bring myself to link my various email lists.  To me, that's an imposition.  Yeah ... I'm the shy violet of social networking.]  

Need to go back and study SEO [search engine optimization].  Really missed a great link in my last post's title.  Original:  Dealing with Envy.  Edited version: Dealing with Writer Envy.  Most of my regulars have already read the post, depending on their reader schedule.  But the search engines might find it ... and people might actually click on it.  I have several blogs two or more years old that still draw new readers.

Why do I even mention that?  Because I need to spend more time getting keywords into my titles and paragraphs.  Keywords are the key to SEO success.  [Sorry, I couldn't resist that.]

Forgot what I was going to grump about.  Is senility happening before my nose?
The above wasn't it.  It was something else that was witty.

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