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Monday, July 18, 2011

Finding Book Reviews, etc.

Grumbling About My Book Review Lessons:
Haven't progressed much on soliciting book reviews, even though its a primary task.  The week-end frittered away into nothing.  I accept on faith that the more reviews, the better which means I've got to shift the stick.  If you're in the same boat, the Indie Book Collective has a list of reviewers on Goodreads if you're self-published.  

[While you're there ... if you join or are a member, you can "friend" me.  I plan to get back to visiting there regularly again.]

Then there's Maria Zannini who  blogged on good cover design as a guest blog on Kristen Lamb's site: Creating Cover Art: Down and Dirty Tips.  The sources of artwork is well worth the price of admission if you're self-publishing ... or considering it.  Wished I knew about the sites when I was working of the cover for Caverns Between Worlds.  [No, I hired it done ... but who knows what I might have found "wasting time".]

You'd probably do yourself a favor if you follow Kristen Lamb and Maria Zannini.  Zannini has a link to her Indie Roadshow, a whole four weeks of self-publishing tips where she discusses various aspects of self-publishing.

Zannini does a lot of "dutch-aunting", basically with the warning self-publishing isn't easy, especially when it comes to editing.  Yeah, self-publishers are in charge of the entire show ... including spending money on your project.  But, that may not be much worse than low-level publisher-published authors.  I've heard many complain they spent more than their advance on promotion of various kinds. --  I know I did for Taking Vengeance.

If you are interested in the changing parameters of the publishing world, you might also take a look at her guest blog at Mason Canyon's, Thoughts in Progress.  Zannini writes about the steps in her game plan she made to get her novella, The Devil to Pay, published so the advantages stay in her pocket.

Anyone care to share their experiences?

In the end, the self-publishing explosion may actually be changing the parameters of book reviews.  Writer Beware shares a link for an article by Patti Thorn, a former book review editor of the Rocky Mountain News [A Denver newspaper which went defunct].  First she gives a behind the scenes description of the book review desk.  Then, she discusses her business:  book reviews for hire ... sorry, making the case for fee book reviews, aka Blueink review.  Thinking about it?  I'll warn you the fee is respectably professional ... which is not to say that free reviews aren't necessarily profressional.

One networking thing I have accomplished:  setting up my author's page on Facebook.  Hopefully I'll be adding something new soon ... if I can get it written.  So far, I've my critiquers and beta reader set up for The Trouble with Somant.  Anyone care to like the page?

Quest: Chapter 8 in Bad Haiku

False King Seeks Allies

In the dark of night,
Smoke surges from toxic herbs,
Polluting dank air.

Rats stop gnawing, cough.
Roll over, die.  Rightful king
Slumps in his shackles.

Blood drips in circle
As the False King seeks help from
Depraved ghosts and ghouls.

I've enjoyed a couple of Tess Gerritsen's mysteries from time to time.  Her comments on her Six Favorite Books Featuring Female Sleuths. is a nice read for all writers, I think.  Not only does she mention Julia Spenser-Fleming's Episcopal priest, the Rev. Clare Fergusson [one of my favorite sleuths], but she gives an ode to Nancy Drew ... even if she was written by a composite of  writers.  Yeah, I was a Nancy Drew sort of gal rather than a Sue Barton one.  [from The Week, thanks to a link by Tamela Buhrke]

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