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Monday, July 11, 2011

Quest 7, Fantasy in Bad Haiku

More of Quest, in Bad Haiku:
[Taking a break from serious writing.]

Failed Plot

False king frets as spies
Relay worrisome rumors
Of a wise rival.

With threat to his rule
Lurking beyond his grasp, king
Launches assassins.

Tales of youth’s prowess
Stop the killers’ blades, convert
Enemies to friends.

Kay's Comments
(Since my "book reviews" aren't serious enough 
to be a review of a book's worth.)
Actually, it's Monday, and I don't have a review per se.  But, I am still thinking about a blog by the Passive Guy on reading ... and how J. K. Rowling managed to get people to open pages across the generations.  I know I was an early reader of the books ... by the second volume when this cheapskate had to buy the hardbacks.

Passive Guy said it succinctly:  "How Harry Potter Saved Reading."

I prefer like to think "How Reading Saves People".  Is there nothing so pathetic as a bored salesclerk looking like they wanted to suck their thumb while they waited? The blank faces on subways are worse, like the time of the living zombies. Scary that they can turn off their brains. Books have saved me from such perils ... often. 

Came across several bored store clerks in the past week.  If they opened a book, they could have saved themselves from boredom. The time-clock probably condemns them to boredom, though. Wonder if you could make a case for "cruel and unusual punishment".  Corporations wouldn't understand even though the Supreme Court says the things are "persons".

Grumbling about My Lessons:
Promotions.  Promotions.  Someone shared the Indie Book Collective with me, and I'm learning a lot there. You might to ... even if you don't self-publish. 

But I have even something better to share if you are "indie" published, thanks to them.  The $0.99 Network will help you, perhaps, publicize your book if you have an ebook costing $0.99 or $2.99. Don't have an e-reader yet, but it seems to me that this place will help you save money.

I've done a submit for Taking Vengeance [published by WolfSinger Pubs].  Now I'm waiting to see if the site masters agree with my definition of "indie" to include small independent publishers. Don't think it's up, though.  I can't find it yet.

No matter really.  I'll still be able to use them starting in August when I start charging for Cavern Between Worlds.  Whatever, I think we're seeing networking in action -- provided I can figure out out to format the story.

The city road department is trying to turn me into a smarter mouse.  Road construction around out town has metastasized.  At least, they are creating jobs along with the inconvenience.

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