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Monday, July 25, 2011

Elements of Good Stories

Grumbling About My Lessons:
Twitter useful? Blow me over with a sneeze. Found a retweet on Friday just before I was going to log off that blew my mind.  Lucy Marsden at From the Write Angle wrote a  blog on "Writing the Back-Cover Copy".  Her handy-dandy ten points include the hook, the conflict, a hint of emotion, a touch of danger, and much more. Her tips make a good check list for writing a good story ... as if you hadn't heard that one before.

Bet you'll find Marsden's pointers apply to more than the back-cover copy.  -- Me? I went back and rewrote the entire premise of my new Mariah WIP ... though I don't quite have a handle on how much skin she has in the game yet. How useful did you find the list? Or, were you already in the outline?

The new blog title.  Just wanted to say my ego didn't blow up on me. Just followed one of the suggestions from Kristin Lamb on the essentials of a blog.  You're supposed to have your name in the title.I can see the search engine logic in the manuever.  But ?????

Seems awkward to me. Still, I put my name in the title. I don't know yet if I'll keep it that way.  Seems like I've been playing with the title, off and on, since I began writing the blog. [Can't believe I've been doing this since 2009.  Yeah, almost three years to the day. A long time in terms of a snail's life.]

Time is a key element in writing.  Changing back to writing in the morning seems to work best for me ... after coffee and the cat's lap time. I'm progressing again. Find I'm getting in 750 words a day plus minor revisions. [An improvement of 50% if you're into statistics.] 

The idea's definitely turning into a novella, but still don't have a primary motivation for my main character.  Actually, she's acting like a cop or sheriff.  Maybe I'll just leave her to straighten out everyone elses' confusion.

Bad Haiku:


Assassins renege.
Give their oath to rightful heir,
Sing of mainland dreams.

More men leave false king.
Secret allies raise heir’s flag.
Island king watches.

Green heir seeks advice.
Island king loans brother’s aid,
The heir starts his fight.

Condolences to the people of Norway. 
I cringe when I think that American crazies inspired Breivik.

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