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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Using Pinterest -- An Anytime Writing Tip


To Pin or Not to Pin. 
That hasn't been much of a question for me. 

The place confuses the heck out of me ,.. more so than GoodReads, even. 

Social Media confuses me because I can't figure how to make it work for me, like encouraging people to buy my stories. My sales tell me I'm a failure every  time I look at my stats. And, no. That fact that others are doing worse, doesn't make me feel better.

But back to Pinterest. I've got a minimal presence on there, mostly book covers. But my brain just got illuminated on how to use Pinterest to promote books from Jody Hedland's blog -- that I understood, finally. It's such a wonderful explanation of a promotion plan I just had to share it with anyone that stops by. 

I'm hoping it'll help me make more sales.
If you read the 15 July 14 blog, you might be able to too.

It may be a while before I get anywhere with her ideas, but for the record, you can visit my Pinterest ???? here. I at least follow back when someone follows me. First indication I found some pictures to post will be the picture of the blooming Christmas cactus showing up on my pages. Yeah, that's a bookshelf underneath it. Our place is littered with the things. Not cactus. Over-stuffed bookshelves. 

Or, I might just post it because it's been a long time since I've put something new up.


Crossings has finally gone to my content editor. Thought it would never get there. Am proud It's come in close to 17,000 words.

I'll probably be promoting it more than I have my other stories...if I can find the time. I've got a short about Dumdee's [The Ghost in the Closet] childhood in the words I want to put up as a free story in August. I hope to get Crossings to my copy-editor before we go visit our kids in NYC.

Anyone care to review the story? I'll send you a free PDF pre-pub copy if you leave your email in the comment section.

I should have a PDF file sometime in the middle of August.The story's dark fantasy about an old geezer who's never had a spit of magic but manages to revenge a friend's death against some Frogtrolls with a little help from Fu-type Guardians. The friend in question is Granny Nan/Nance who's only remembered in There Be Demons by her great-grandaughter, Britt. [TBD is in long delayed copyedits, but the editor assures me she's making progress now that she's feeling better.]

Yeah. I started Crossings at the beginning of the year sometime. Frankly, I feel embarrassed that it's taken me this long to get it written.

One more thing and I'll shut up. I'm going to take sort of a social media holiday to clean out of the stuff I've saved from my various emails. Mostly promotion things. I've got to devise a better way to use my social media time.

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