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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Keeping One's Ducks [aka #Writing Projects] in a Row


The blog that was supposed to run today. I ran last week -- Curtiss Robinson's Worst Writing Fear -- Losing His Writing. You can access it here. If you didn't read it last week, you should take a look. I know I found it interesting. Sounds like Robinson is making good
use of personal experience to write fantasy. If my fresh reading pile didn't have ten books in it, it would have dipped into the series. [We won't talk about the two stale TBR ones.]

Must confess I've made other mistakes doing the guest blogs, all relatively minor, thankfully. But I won't be doing any more formal blog tours even though I managed to get close to 200 or more views for all of them. 

The offer for individual guest posts still stands though. My topic is "Your Worst Writing Fear". You can contact me at mkkaytheod-at-yahoo-com if you want some free promo for your book. You'll get an author bio, book blurb with buy links, and a short excerpt.

At the same time, I'll be using blog tours for my own promo. I got some wonderful reviews for The Ghost in the Closet from the review tour I did with Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours. I was also very impressed with Goddess Fish's professionalism. If you're thinking of checking out a blog tour for your book, I would ask around among your writer friends and check at their reputations at  Absolute Write Water Cooler before you part with any money.


I've already mentioned this on other social media -- Facebook and Google+ -- but I must say I puzzle over some of the reviews I've gotten on the eight stories I have self-published while trying to build a writer's platform. Just got a spotlight from Book Viral that opened the floodgates on my confusion. Granted there are reviews that make me wonder if they read the book. Then, there are others, the ones that offer considered critiques with completely different takes on the same story.

Check out the Book Viral Spotlight 
for The Ghost in the Closet

What confuses me? Book Viral said The Ghost in the Closet was "A heart-warming tale of hope and ghostly apparitions". Other have said it's a spooky horror story and chilling. I don't know if there is enough in the sample for you to make up your own opinion. For the record, I call it "dark fantasy". Samples can be found for Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, and KOBO. [For the record, Smashwords gives you a variety of e-formats to choose from.]

Any writers out there who care to comment
 on their feelings about their own reviews?

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