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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chasing Book Trailer Makers

On to the next step in promoting "Taking Vengeance" ... the book trailer.

I've been looking for someone to make one for me after my daughter told me her learning curve was going to take too long.  [She'll still help me with the music.]  There are all sorts of links on Goggle and Yahoo telling how I can do my own.  Read enough of them to be tempted to try my hand at doing a trailer.  But, I should hope I'm not dumb enough to use my first effort to promote my book.  If I do decided to waste my time learning, you guys will be the first to know.  Windows actually has a movie ap or some such thing waiting to temp me.

Did turn a little growlly when I emailed ten trailer makers and only two responded.  Guess that's all I need ... but still, there's such a thing as having a professional attitude.  Good news?  One of them was in my price range ... I think.  We're still talking.

One thing is certain.  Researching stuff on the web is a major time-suck.  I had three of them going on at once ... and wondered why I wasn't getting any revising or the update on my projects done.  At least, I think the trailer thing is out of the wheel-spinning stage.  Now, I'm still researching publishers and weird-fantasy agents.

Believe me.  Agents, who've paid their dues and lined up contacts in the industry, are worth their weight in gold.  Even with e-publishing I think this is true.  Has anyone else noticed how the ebook rankings in the New York Times mirror the print book ones?
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