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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hallelujah! I may be a writer.

Got an ending on "Emma Kloken, Hero"!!   
I even rewrote the last two chapters so they didn't sound so crappy. 
(Yeah, I hear all the stuff I write.  Sometimes it gets real noisy between my ears.)

Trivia:  We're going to celebrate by going to the Charcobroiler.  We were going there tonight since the weather is nice, and we do it for the holidays anyway.  This just makes me feel more comfortable spending the money.

Writing:  The above doesn't mean I'm done.  First, I have to go back and write to eliminate all the little red notes at the beginning of chapters about things I need to check.

Then,  I got to print the manuscript and start tearing it apart.

Excuse me while I do a little dance.

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