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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Day ( for me that is )

Trivia:  Going to the chiropractor so I can continue sitting in front of the computer.  Had to change the standing appointment, though.  We're taking a friend to a birthday party at an "independent" living center for another friend -- in worse physical shape.  Oh, the joys of being old!

Lessons from My Reading:  Am searching for a book to read.  So far, I've taken down about five from my to-read pile.  (I'm saving Doss's new Snake book and Daisy for a real emergency.)  It's really bad when I can't find a book.  A new series with Zoe somebody fizzled and after one more try will land in the trade pile.  (Two new books.  Ouch.  But, a 25+/- woman sounding like the kids in the food court?  Give me relief.)
Almost bought another author with cover art that was vaguely iconic.  Had a real interesting scene with the MC confronting at old lady with a globe hanging over her head and a savage dog -- as the promo page.  Then, read the first paragraphs of the book and she's cooking too much food for her father?  Sorry.  I must confess I mis-shelved the book on my way out the door.  (My son would shoot me since he once worked at B&N.)

So, what am I reading?  An anthology called, Winter Moon.  Not really reading it.  More like skimming during the news.  Got through Mercedes Lackey and Tanith Lee, since I do occasionally try to write short fiction.  C. E. Murphy hooked me with a cop with reluctant psychic abilities.  The story?  Banshee Cries, which is set in between two novels.  I think I'm going to have to look them up.  I know I've passed over this author before.  Guess I'm going to have to take another look.

Lesson:  Write good characters with baggage that're doing something besides obsessing.  (Leave that to those literary folk.)

Progress:   Critiquing.  Really savaged them this time around.  Mostly for being too wordy and/or not presenting their characters with a clear danger.  There was other stuff, but that sums up the larger faults I found.  Typos excluded.  I mention them -- only because it's so hard to find them yourself when you read your own manuscript.

Tangled.  Sending another chapter to my out-of-town critiquers.  I'm going to have to start chopping some new stuff soon.  Still, they both are showing me where I've left dead wood.

Emma:  I'm writing new stuff, at about 500 words a sitting.  Progress!  Turns out I was closer to the end than I thought.  The ending of this chapter has my adventurers escaping from a dungeon.  Then, maybe three more chapters.  Encountering the elves.  Rescuing the Hobgoblin.  Confronting her grandmother. 

Thought of a wonderful ending, but didn't write it down.  (Stupid.  I know.) Hopefully, something similar will pop out of my brain.

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