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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

$(&^%@_*) Ending

Not doing much.  Still staring at my ending of Emma.  Maybe writing 250 words a day, if I'm lucky.  I'm not writing here until I get an end on the thing.

Unfortunately, Maren keeps intruding.

Addenda.  We did the errands.  Warm tortillas and Greek-made feta.  Yummy.  Yummy.  Is that a symbol for our family?

Reading:  Not.  I've been watching last year's Castle episodes, my Christmas present.  I think my oldest daughter will get it for Christmas viewing.  On loan.  I'll share, but I want it back.

Surprised the TV watching can be useful to writing.  It's all in the hooks ... which I can't seem to find in my own writing.  Anyway, a hook before commercials prevents the viewers Straying.
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