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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mish Mash: What Do You Blog When You Haven't a Clue

Oh, I have plenty of clues, but no idea on writing something constructive. So, decided to do a "stream of consciousness" deal since all the gurus say you should keep a regular blog schedule. *grim grin* This blog is my own fault really since I decided to post on Thursdays, only I thought they'd be guest blogs which I didn't have to write. Just organize. So much for plans.

The closest thing I have for a guest blog is Pat Stoltey's A-to-Z posting for the letter "T". I'm still basking in the glow. It was totally unexpected. Must say, The Ghost in the Closet is free on Smashwords and Nook until the end of April if you want to read it at bargain rates.

Then there was my big accomplishment before writing this blog [and before I lost most of it]. I got my story trailer for Noticing Jamilla up on YouTube. This is quite an accomplish for me; I hope it's still there when I check the link.

Funny. Odd. Whatever. I often say I don't have a marketing bone in my body. As you can see, I got through the steps. The problem is I can't see many results from all the time I put in -- even though my reviews are generally decent.

Which kind of leads into a concern of most writers -- acquiring reviews for their books. One of my to-dos today was adding ratings on Goodreads. Today was a clean-up day, and the pile of non-blogged read books is high. So, I rated the books I read but didn't blog about. Project done. I think I have an update thing there that lists my reviews if you want to see what books I listed. [Oh, I don't understand Goodreads. Feel like a third-grader in middle school.]

On the subject of reviews: Be nice to a writer you read and review their books. Reviews don't have to be long. Just a sentence or so to show you read the book, and another sentence to tell people what you liked most. 

Of course, it'd be easier to write more, but I didn't want to scare you off the project. But that's another question. Have a good week-end, people.

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