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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Help Build Your Platform with These Links

Okay, am planning on catching up with all my emails though I'm still revising Dark Solstice, a Far Isle Half-Elven novel. Below are some interesting things I've found that don't fit into my book review blogs. Hope you find some of the interesting too. You'll find some promotion /social networking stuff since that's what I'm studying. -- Don't act on the information much, though.

Platform building. Does it increase sales? Kevin Lucia discusses his efforts On Building a Platform here. I think his discussion is interesting, especially in dealing with time constraints. How do your efforts measure up. ... And, yes. I retweeted it. [Do you follow me on Twitter [@kaytheod & @TakingVengeance] and Facebook [under the Far Isle Half-Elven]? I'm hiding there.]

Back to Blogging

 The world has conspired against me -- though things seems to be working out. First, I couldn't find stuff in the Google+ new format. [The above was written back in April, I think. Anyway, the above article is still useful.]  Then, a good friend had a stroke and eventually died. Then, there were my own health problems ... but the kidney tumor hasn't returned. So far, so good until the next check up.

Have you thunk about: "Turn Blog Posts into Publishers Gold". The Passive Guy linked to another blog with these interesting suggestions. I read a couple blogs that give interesting information on the time period the writer works in, one who's give a lot of frugal news, but I can even think of some writing blogs that discuss writing techniques that are unique enough to publish. 

With self-publishing so easy, it would give you a way to build a platform which would relate to what you write. Might as well use that research for something.

No, I won't be following my own advice/suggestion. I'm trying to rev up my platform by revising my Renna's Tales and turn them into real stories. Yeah, I'm going to try to write another short story, then, self-publish it for free. -- I'm tired of tooting the same two stories.

Then, there's Fabian Pattberg who has decided not to Twitter or Google+. You can read his blog "My Social Media Experiment -- No More Twitter and Google+ for a Month".  Read his justification. He's going to blog. -- Guess he could come up with a short book if he chose his topics well.

Then, how do you tell if all your efforts are working? Well, there's Klout. It's a "score-keeper" of how many people read you and how you influence them. Guess, it's a handy tool if you are interested. My score is 38, not that I know what it means. Though, I can guess it reflects my non-interest.

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