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Friday, May 18, 2012

Blog, Blogged, Blogging

Have been thinking, a lot, about blogging the past couple of days. Partly, because I haven't been blogging much. Partly, because I'm thinking of ways I might change this. Partly, my link to the blog about making money by turning your blog into a book. -- Not that I think I'd ever spend the effort to do that. Still, I've been blogging for maybe three-four years. Maybe it's time to do things a little differently.

Perhaps the best advice would be to write a better blog. Julie Rosen at Social North wrote about "The Art of a Well-Written Blog". You might take a peek. I found it useful. Hope you do to.

Of course, when you've written the blog, you want someone to read it. Don't you? Looking for some new ideas to mine, I put "improve blogs" into Google. The #1 listing was a blog by SEOMoz : 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic [Updated 2012]. The blog is a revision of a blog written in 2007 and prints out a small binder full of pages, if you print it. There's a lot of technical info which I think might even help me understand what's going on.


Yeah. The need to market is ever-present. Twitter. Blogspot. Facebook. I'm on all of them with varying degrees of success. My "eh" factor usually turns my attention to other efforts, but still, I try to be more efficient about marketing. 

Sometimes, I even give myself a chuckle. Recently, read an article by Jeff Bullas on how to run a successful Facebook page promotion. Since my Far Isle Half-Elven page is so anemic, I thought it was worth a look -- even though I had other things to do. Result: They discussed the campaigns of Kohl, Target, Southwest Airlines, and Corona beer among others -- all of which spend millions on marketing. ...

Yeah, some self-published writer is going to be as successful as them.
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