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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ideas for Before and After the Agent Search

Every writer dreams of an agent who will help turn them into a best selling author.

The first step is to write a good book and be able to write a query that'll interest an agent into learning more about your book. Sounds easy, doesn't it? The first step is to learn what turns agents off, like the person who mentioned her "fiction novel" at Janet Reid's Query Shark.

Seems most agents think novels are fiction. If you want to avoid such mistakes, Stacey O'Neale's blog at the YA Fantasy Guide has a listing of Agent Interviews.  If any of the interviews are in your genre, they might be worth studying.

Of course, you can exhaust the list of reputable agents interested
in Your Genre.
 Submitting to publishers or Self-publishing then becomes an alternative.
When self-publishing, what is the most important thing you can do?
After editing your book/story, that is.
I'd say its getting the best cover you can afford ... which doesn't mean you must go to a professional cover artist. Granted I'm biased because I'm a browser. I like to go to the book stores to poke and putter among the volumes.

Your covers are still important if you're e-publishing. Have you looked at the promotion sites? Long lines of book covers which are usually organized by genre. The same is true at the e-publishers. A long line of book titles and blurbs, only they aren't organized by genre ... unless you limit your search.

Guess which of my covers on the left I like best and comment.

Vanna Smythe blogged about her decision on whether to create her own cover from stock photos or hire it done.  Interesting reading, and useful, I think, even if you have a publisher doing your cover.  


Margo Berendsen said...

I like the Cavern Between Worlds cover. I'm always surprised by how often people claim they buy books based on the cover. While I enjoy a beautiful cover, it's the words that matter to me. I dont' think I've ever bought based on a cover alone. However, it does help if it catches your eye...

Unknown said...

I'm still partying. [Son goes back to NYC Thurs.] So, I've have a fresh impression of how I chose books for the to-read pile. If the cover's interesting, it has a better chance I'll pick it up to read the blurb and/or first couple pages.

Frankly, after tours of many new and used bookstores, I'm surprised at whole many cover cliches there are. Especially for urban fantasy.