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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Joining the 9-11 Chorus ...

Made a comment at another blog that has me joining the 9-11 chorus.  

While I sympathize with others' enormous grief, I'll always be eternally grateful -- [yeah, I realize I doubled up there] -- that my middle daughter turned down a job offer in the restaurant at the top of one of the towers. I'm not familiar enough with New York to remember the name of the restaurant, but I can imagine how comfortable the people in the Towers must have felt until the unthinkable happened. 

What makes me cringe is that I remember wondering how she would support herself working freelance with her harp.

The most telling comment I've read so far about the 9-11 attack: "We once again had a common enemy and it wasn't ourselves."

The enormous holes in the New York cityscape and people's lives, notwithstanding, I find it sad the American people haven't clung to that sentiment. Seems we have turned on ourselves and are trying to cannibalize our neighbors to further our own self-interests.  

Sadness at the violence ... and the stupidity.
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