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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lollygagging Vengeance Trailer

The trailer for Taking Vengeance trailer is done!
The final version is 2 minutes long, granted, with a great harp muscic/score by my daughter.  The music is worth listening to all on its own.

 Click to view trailer.  Be sure to have the sound on.

That said.  I can see where some people won't like it because it doesn't quite follow the story. ...  That said, I like it for it's playfulness and irreverence. There are a few anachronisms, but they add to the fun.

The proof will be in the pudding, ie. if my sales increase. Incidentally, I have no way to tell if Taking Vengeance is selling.  I do know that no one has reviewed it yet. Caverns?  It's doing the freebie thing.  Maybe some five or so people download it a day.  How's that for spectacular?  At least there's only one posting up now and all the downloads go in one place.  

Bad Haiku:

                                      Heir in Danger

The King’s men dig trap
While the stripling heir hunts game,
Guard dogs on leashes.

Heir hunts through forest,
Sees deer in meadow grazing,
Stalks deer.  Dogs stalk heir.

Dogs chase.  Heir sees earth
Disturbed, jumps the hidden trap,
                                                  Runs through stream. Trees hide. 

The Next Big Step:

Somewhere in all my copious free time, I have to figure out how to get an author's site co-ordidnated ... as opposed to the Half-Elven world website ... up.  Am looking at Wordpress, but haven't figured it out yet.  Frankly, the internet makes me feel stupid.

One great thing though ... my controlled vowel pre-primer script is out to beta readers.  And, I'm in the process of outlining a new Half-Elven story featuring Mariah investigating tales of a wolf terrorizing the northeastern coast of the Marches. --  I'll leave you to guess whether it's a werewolf story.
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