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Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting a Dose of Creativity

Think my creativity finally kicked into second gear.  Yeah, I'm getting the haiku organized.  [Watch me break my arm patting myself on the back.]  With luck, the different form will be the catalyst not only to create something new, but to get it written.

So, what's the haiku doing for the creative cells in my brain?   Weeell,  I'm writing controlled vowel pre-primer stories again.  [Much different from the reading levels taught in school.]  though I really must give some credit to the publisher who's interested in an old manuscript, Pat, the Pet.  We're supposed to talk contract at the end of the month ... once the artist and I decided we can go back and create new stories.

Then, there's the new world that's been bumping around in my mind for about twenty years.  Yeah, that's not exactly new ... but the same motifs kept bubbling up to the surface of my mind and sinking again.  Now,  I'm not ignoring them.  I've written several pages of background about the world, how the conflicting factions came to be, and several characters whispering in my ear. 

Problem to write about?  I think I'm going to focus on a "religious" shelter house for kids.  --  Don't know where Maren fits in this.  She's whispering too.

More important, the idea is science fiction ... though I'll probably be handling it like fantasy.  Sort of real, but not, without explaining much of anything.  The machines just do it.

How do you handling settings when you don't have a firm grasp upon the facts?  Does it make the creation process more exciting?  Or, do you throw up your hands and run away?

Oh.  Someday my trailer will arrive.  The music's down and editing's in process.  Will also have a free Half-Elven story "Cavern Between Worlds" up on Smashwords soon.

Then, there's the fantasy haiku.  I've always dabbled in haiku and thrown it away.  Out of pure cussedness I posted a couple pieces on Facebook and Twitter.  Now, I'm writing a story in haiku.  Oddly, it fits right in with the Pat, the Pet stories.   

Bad Haiku...
False Hope

Untamed winds whisper
Hopeful tales in people’s ears.
"The true heir survives."

False king’s men search land,
To no avail, then reward’s
Offered for heir’s head.

Heir hides, thinks he’s safe.
Traitor lurks by side.  Takes prize.
Heir’s lady love flees.

Not So Trivia...
The Wall Street Journal stuck their foot in it ... the censorship pile, that is.  I'm used to narrow-minded fundamentalists dictating to me, but the Wall Street Journal?  Guess, I'll listen to their social advice as much as I listen to their financial advice.  YA writing serves a function.  It lets kids try on different worlds and ideas ... safely.   

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