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Monday, August 10, 2015

Looking for Free Reading in Good Places

Want Some Summer Reading on the Cheap?
Read On
If You Like Freebies.

    Some explanation. I'm on vacation until September and am looking forward to reading without thinking about critiquing. Will probably re-read some favorites. Haven't picked the author yet, but I'm leaning towards Sharon Crumb or Michael Jenks. Just finished a disappointing trip to the edge of the world so am feeling a need to go medievalish. On the other hand, Pillar is running around in southernish mountains. Maybe I'll read some of both.

Update: I decided to reread the Lord of the Rings instead of watching the movies
I'm going to miss those New Zealand backgrounds.

But I also want to reward you for your visit.
A giveaway of my novelette:
 Showdown at Crossings.

   I don't do the Kindle Select bit, so I have to use Smashwords more lenient coupon system. Click this Showdown at Crossings link and use coupon code --  MZ75T  -- to download the story for free. Smashwords offers a variety of reader formats in their downloads: mobi, epub, PDF, on line, etc.

   Blurb:  Old Ebe loved the peaceful life of his isolated mountain community until abrasive newcomers started raising vicious guard dogs on land his family once owned. The newcomers terrorize the locals. Ebe supports Nance, an old family friend and mage, who oppose their abusive ways. When Ebe fails to prevent the 'dog-farmers' murder of Nance, Ebe can only regain his self respect by finding a way to destroy the demons.

But one short story does not a reader fill.
   So, I'm sharing a link of an interesting freebie/bargain books service --The Books Machine. [click the link for complete information] You can receive free Kindle books in exchange for an honest review. The service is free for readers. You might want to take a look. I was impressed with the selection of reading they offered.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer, you Northern Hemisphere types.
You Live in the Southern Hemisphere?
Spring is just around the corner.

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