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Monday, April 27, 2015

Just Re-Reading My Favs -- A Tamora Pierce Read-a-thon

First Test (Protector of the Small Series #1)   Think I got the goofing-off bug bad--even though my visiting relatives are long home. Neil Gaiman's book, The Ocean and the End of the Lane, was so short I decided to treat myself and give myself permission to re-read a favorite book.

   Did I say "a favorite"? I ended up reading both Tamora Pierce's Alanna, the Lioness, and Keladry of Mindelan quartets in her Tortall series. Would have tried to squeeze in The Immortals quartet, but could only find three of the set on my bookshelves.

   So happens I've reviewed so many of Pierce's books that I don't think there's anything much I can say about them. But the big question is: Why do I keep reading kids' books when I'm an old lady. I re-read Lord of the Rings regularly, too. But it's a more massive series focused on adults. Still, I think Pierce has out produced Tolkien by a long shot.  Maybe even has more readers?

   Maybe I read them because Pierce's books also depict more realistic relationships between men and woman? Actually for middle grade books she comes up for some strange situations in the parenting department. My favorite couple is from the Trickster series where a crow turns into a human to help Alanna's daughter survive after she is kidnapped.

   I'm surprised that Pierce alludes to adult human relationships so often in middle grade books without raising a ruckus. At least, I haven't heard of anyone trying to keep her books off the library shelves or trying to burn them.

   Pierce started writing in the 1980s, presenting strong female characters who could best men at their own games. Not that I'm particularly a feminist. I did manage my kids and still manage my home in a rather traditional peasant manner. But I also do what I want when I want when not carrying my load as part of the team.

   Guess I need another reason for re-reading the same series so many times. The best I can come up with is that Pierce creates such a tangible world the reader gets carried away with the characters. Magic exists in abundance in her Tortall books, but the characters still have to use mundane skills to solve their problems. Yeah, I guess I'm guilty of immersing myself in a rich, comfortable world.

   So, I'll ask the larger question. Why does anyone keep rereading a book or series? After all they could be getting an entirely new experience with a un-read book.

Why do you re-read books?
Or, are you a seeker of new experiences?

 Working the Writer Pit

    Remember that goofing off bit I mentioned at the beginning? Didn't think I was wasting time at the computer, but I did little shilling and less writing. Mostly, I worked on guest blogs and interviews to go with a blog tour for The Ghostcrow. If you haven't yet read it, you can read an extended excerpt on my author website. It's even sold some...and gotten some decent reviews...but like most writers I'm always looking for more reviews.

   Think I'm slowing down. My hip doesn't like sitting in an office chair for long periods of time--even if I get up and move. One of the charms of becoming an old lady.

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