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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Who Wants Some Free Book Promo?

Coming Soon.

Another Thursday, but no new guest blogs. Guess no one's interested in free book promo. Granted this isn't the most powerful writing blog on the web,but my posts have been getting over 100 page views lately. This is much better than last year when the number was closer to 50.

If you'd like to do a short guest blog with links to one of your fiction pieces or author page, send for my guidelines at mkkaytheod-at-yahoo-com. Two caveats: in English, please, and no erotica. 

Curious Fact:
I have more Ukrainian readers than Russian ones, but the French outnumber both. I'm guessing that fact has something to do with my selling more books in foreign currencies. 

Another Marketing Fact:
Want to increase your royalty percentage on your print books? You might check out Lulu. They give back more than CreateSpace and distribute to more venues.

I only do epubs since I've been self-publishing short stories and novelettes to build a "plateform" in case I ever get a print book. 

Setting an Income Target:
Have you ever wondered how much a successful author makes ... and how? Laura Purdie's brave enough to have her income exposed on the SCBWI blog. Care to count the ways she pieces together her income?

Decided to give you another look at my The Ghost in the Closet cover. The more I look at it, the more I like it, even if my story's about old ladies. Think I'll get the piece out to my beta readers tonight.

Anyone care to comment on the cover?
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