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Monday, April 30, 2012

Writer's Block: When Does It Plague You?

Had a blog mostly written on Word, with some really nice, informative links. But ... it didn't transfer here. So, I'm starting from scratch since I did find a place where I can post a new blog instead of work with my blog drafts. Yeah, I can't find find such simple things as my Blogger dashboard. Mine went AWOL, and I can't find it. Yeah, I'm still fighting with Google+ ... which isn't kind to people with dyslexia. The change totally confuses me.

What have I been doing? I was editing Dark Solstice, sort of Book six in the Half-Elven saga/ An agent wanted to look at sample chapters, but I got a "wasn't right for me" response ... so I'm going back to seeking a small publisher. Now, I'm letting my brain simmer and will see what pops out. Think that means I'm courting writer's block.

Sandra Novak did a nice blog on just that at Girlfriends Book Club. Writer's Block.
I'm linking it here so I can go back to this ... provided I can ever find the blog again at Google+. [Do you get the idea I don't like the forced merger between Blogger and Google+?] 

In the past, I haven't had much problem with writer's block, but then, I came to writing from a newspaper where there were deadlines. You wrote your 1000 words and the editor took out the garbage. [More or less, like a super-charged critique group.] Now, I think I'm going to be dithering on what to do next. Got a lot of manuscripts in the computer -- or play with a partial or  -- go for something totally new? 

I'm going to take a vacation as my first step in facing my writer's block. I've got marketing stuff to do. Hopefully, I'll fixate on what new thing I should work on. -- I won't talk about the new thing I'll be revising since I've got to make a decision there too. Yeah, I'm going to try to break my day into three segments: social networking, revising, and creating. 

Maybe I should have titled this piece: Decisions, Decisions? Whatever, I'm going to try to get back into the blogging groove ... even if the results are different than they were.

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