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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Things Promotional

For the record, I still haven't given up on promoting my writing -- only I'm promoting my two free Half-Elven stories more than Taking Vengeance. Did set up a Facebook page for the novelette, not that it has many likes. Don't keep it up like I should either. Such fares the social networking when you're running behind.

At the same time, I'm thinking of setting up a new website under my author name -- M. K. Theodoratus. Grumpy Dragon says they are progressing on the artwork revisions for the vowel-controlled, color-a-comic pre-primer. How's that for a mouthful. That's the academize for Pat, the Pet.

Whatever, the ladies over at Duolit shared some info on search engine optimization: Five Things that Really Matter to Search Engines. It includes some useful tips well worth seeing if you can modify your current networking endeavors.

Once Search Engines find you, the people who searched will want to know more about you. That's where your "About Me Page" comes in.  Sonia Simone recently blogged, asking if you are making these seven mistakes with your about page. Rather than doing a major retooling here, you get a chance to improve with relatively minor revisions.
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