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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally! I'm Published -- Again.

Excuse me while I sit back and stare at the book cover.

I'm still somewhat amazed that the cover is done,
you can
access a sample of the story -- Taking Vengeance -- at

You can even buy the story ... if you are so inclined.
[I won't object.]

If you like it, would you please forward it to friends, family, etc who might enjoy it too.
Then, there's the Twitter and Facebook thing.
Thank you.

So, my fifth career as a published writer has begun.  This time as a fantasy writer.  Consider this my first promotion effort.  Now, my work begins.  I need to study what I'm going to do next to market the novella ... and do it.

[I also think I'm supposed be writing something new somewhere around in my copious free time.]

Promotion alert, in case you don't do it already:  

Do you Google your name and/or the titles of your books and stories.  You should for two reasons.  One, of course, is if someone out in the  "web-o-sphere" takes your name in vain.  The other is in case some good news is lurking out there without you knowing it.  I knew WolfSinger Publications would be publishing the novella soon, but I didn't know it had until I checked my "Googles" Saturday night.  There was a link to Smashwords ... and there I was:  published again.

Excuse me while I go check my name on the other major search engines.

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