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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Humor in Writing

The Read ...
Wish I could do humor in my writing.  James D. Doss has no problem as he tells his tales of the mysteries that confront Charlie Moon, his Southern Ute part-time investigator.  [Disclosure:  Daisy Perika, his aunt, is one of my main women though I can only aspire to being so cantankerous.]  Book: The Widow's Revenge.

Doss does a good job of using humor to make the gruesome go down -- which in this case include murder, mayhem, and cannibalism in the form of barbecued "long pig".  In his recent books, he also takes on more and more the role of storyteller which also fits in well with his Southern Ute focus.

Daisey Perika doesn't disappoint either.  Imagine a scene when a dog doesn't leave a pickup when Daisey wants him to with: "No he don't, the old tick-mattress is just playing coy.  Wants me to sweet-talk him.  Daisy pointed her walking stick at the red pickup.  "Go on out there and lower that tail gate.  Me'n Lassie's ugly cousin wil be along directly."

"As soon as Sarah had turned her back, Daisy nudge the hound more urgently.  The precise location of her prodding was that tender orifice until the base of his tail."

Web and Other Good Stuff ...
Is it time to gather book reviews for your book yet?  K. L. Brady journals about gathering book reviews for her book [indie published The Bum Magnet] on her blog:  Indie Publishing on the Cheap.  Karla gives some good pointers on crafting letters ... which may help me some day ... if the reviewers'll review novelettes.  -- [Also, should mention she's giving a free copy to promote her book on Goodreads too ... which makes her a savvy marketer in my opinion.]

Getting an agent is a serious mile stone getting your writing published.  Of course, rejection letters strew the road.  Scott Hoffman of the Folio Literary Agency gives us wannabe authors some pointers on interpreting the kinds of rejection letters: On Making Sense of Rejection Letters.   The guest  appears on Chuck Sambucchino's "Guide to Literary Agents".  --  We won't talk about what kinds of rejection letters I get.

Progress ...
This has been a rushed week.  First, I had to finish a short story while scratching my scalp bloody.  Then, I had to get caught up on my critiques because I pushed them to the last minute.  Then, I got the finished home page illustration from my artist.  You can take a peek by going to my site:  Chronicles of the Half-Elven.        

Trivia ...
Just trying to keep things running smoothly 
not succeeding very well.
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