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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keepers: Better the ?th Time Around?

The Reads ... [or rather, Re-reads]
Do books improve ... or at least, keep your interest the ?th time around?  That's the purpose of bookshelves, isn't it?  ... To hold the books you might want to read again sometime?  Well, I put the idea to the test over the week-end.  Between a party, the New West Fest [before the riot] and visiting our daughter ... I decided I didn't want to think, so I re-read a couple of my favorite Stephanie Laurens' Cynster books:  On A Wild Night and On A Wicked Dawn.

Before you go eeeewwww ... a romance, think.  I'll argue that romances are prime fantasy concoctions.  Nothing could be further from real life.  Laurens gives her readers an added bonus to the sexy romp, her Cynster novels also contain a neat little mystery.  [Maybe this is why I keep them.]  In each book, Laurens drops clues  to the murder and the thefts that create the turning points in each novel.

Fantasy rears its head when the two protagonists go looking for true romance in a Regency/post-Regency setting in non-conformist ways.  One by visiting the scandalous fringes of society and the other by indulging in sexual escapades in empty rooms at ton parties -- both keeping their reputations intact.  In real life, they would have been caught, and their reputations ruined.

Don't be too impressed by my reading two 400+ page books over the week-end.  I skipped over the 2-3-4 pages of description of having sex ... over and over again.  Guess my romantic genes came atrophied.  When I think of falling into flaming abysses, pagan sacrifices to the gods come to mind faster than passion between the sheets.

Now, I'm wondering whether I should trade Laurens to make more shelf space.

Web Stuff ...
The only web stuff I spent much time on was my own site.  After two half-day sessions, I think I got the GoDaddy pictures up on my Half-Elven site.  In the process though, my author bio disappeared.  I'm not going to sweat it, though.  There're links to both my blogs where my bio is intact.

Then, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins lept onto the publishing scene, and people were actually getting their hands on it, like E. J. Wesley, at midnight no less.   Then there were the agent blogs.  Suzie Townsend did a photo essay, showing one of the few benefits of living in New York City.  Janet Reid even got into the act with her own movie.  I'll end the links with GotYA's Mockingjay give-away.

Writing Progress ...
None.  Oh, I did get a couple more chapters of Dark Solstice read with copy edits.   The manuscripts bothering me, a bit.  I can see where I can make changes, but I like the story as it is.

Trivia ...
Got delicious ice cream cones at the farmers' market.  [butter pecan]  ...  Then had a corn-on-the-cob lunch at home before we headed to the New West Fest, where we didn't spend anything.  Did get coffee at a downtown bookstore, though, including a snickerdoodle.  Didn't have to eat dinner.
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