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Monday, February 1, 2010

Correction ...

Have you heard the comment "Always check your facts." before?

Well, I didn't.  I just repeated what my old man said as he munched away on smoked salmon.  Sockeye is a true salmon.  What we were eating was Steelehead.  Whatever it still tasted good.  I'll eat it whenever the relatives share.

ProgressStill catching up on my critiques, if I ever get my errands run.

Also got a class tonight at the Northern Colorado Writers -- on becoming a more organized writer.  Something probably everyone can use.

PS.  I think only people in the North West would think the difference important.  Whatever, another little tidbit.  When the old man was a kid, the people in the upper Skagit ate canned salmon.  The thought of eating fresh salmon after smelling the rotting carcasses after spawning turned them off.  The eagles and bears enjoyed though.
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